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In this brief section, we are going to talk about how the logo in itself can affect the sales levels of a company positively. As you know, the logo is a product’s guarantee of good quality, since it inspires security in the clients. In such a case, however, the logo is nothing but a guarantee that the company is responsible for the quality of its goods, so if the clients choose one product in particular is only because they want that product in particular. Our point here is that a logo, if professionally designed, has the power to actually influence people to buy one product rather than another.

Let us make this clear by giving an example: when someone buys an imitation of a Nike T-shirt, he is not exactly looking for quality (no-one is so naive to be tricked into believing that what he is buying is original merchandise). In truth, all he really wants is to wear an article of clothing with the famous logo printed onto it –and if the logo is huge, then so much the better–. This happens because the logo of a successful company, e.g. Nike, is proportionally associated with the success of the person who is wearing its clothes. So here you are: a typical case of a logo which is not just a complement to a product, but it is even more important than the product itself. Imagine, then, what would happen if the T-shirt in question were actually produced by Nike.

The illustrative example above proves that a well-designed logo transmitting success, power, triumph, or any similar sensation, can sell products all by itself. So we may well say that a logo performs two main functions: on the one hand, it guarantees that a certain product is produced by a certain company, thus putting its quality out of question; on the other hand, it is in itself a sales-raiser. That is why a positive message is so very important.

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