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Typography is the arrangement and style of letters. It must be consistent with the message transmitted by the logo as a whole. Here, we will focus on typography from two different points of view: 1) as a verbal tool, and 2) as a visual tool. Although both viewpoints are equally important, the first one is rather obvious, so we will go into much more detail about the second one.

In verbal terms, typography transmits information by means of letters subordinated to the word(s) they form –which must be legible and specific so the general concept of the message is clearly understood–. For example, when the name of a company is written in a certain typography, it is the verbal aspect that allows us to read that name formed by letters which, combined together, form a word with a particular meaning. This aspect of typography, we may say, has to do with denotation, i.e. the direct, explicit meaning of words.

In contrast, the perspective from which we see typography as an image has to do with connotation, i.e. the ideas suggested by and associated with a word (in addition to its explicit meaning). As we have already said, designers can turn letters into drawings –pictures, in technical terms– by using a process called “transformation into curves”. Through this process, design programs start reading letters as if they were images, thus making them susceptible of changes such as enlarging or contracting, stretching, getting out of shape, becoming darker (partially or completely), etc. In this way, letters will not only transmit a message as the written representation of the word(s) they form, but also as images with their own shapes. Therefore, when a logo (e.g. a logotype consisting of the name of a company) is hired, there is a need to consider what its typography suggests. Then, if we want the logo to symbolize traditional and family values, or if we would prefer it to suggest modernity and progress instead, typography will make a great deal of difference. However, the different typographies are not completely unlike one another, and they always remind us of something. This, also, must be taken into account, because the typography used to make a logo should not remind people of something bad, or communicate something opposite to what is intended.

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