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To the corporate identity of any firm, the logo is fundamental and basic. Fundamental because it stands out as the major and most important representation of a company in the eyes of the public; because it is through it that a company is known and recognized; and because it is a guarantee of security, trustworthiness and support. And basic because all the other elements that constitute the corporate identity –such as the official Web page, personal cards, brochures, uniforms, catalogues, and any kind of graphic devices used as a means of representation– depend on it.

Being fundamental to the corporate identity, logos act as an advertising emblem to a company battling against its competitors. They differentiate one particular firm from the others, thus providing it with uniqueness. To achieve this, however, it is necessary to make a logo that is not only identifiable, but also different from those of competitors. All in all, what consumers do before buying a product, as a way of recognizing its producer and, thus, verifying its quality, is look at its logo. But the opposite can happen too: sometimes people buy a product just because its logo is likable and inspires them security, although they do not know its producer.

All the constituent elements of corporate identity have to be designed by using the same formal criterion –which is based on the logo, of course–. To this end, their colors, shapes, dimensions, etc. have to transmit the same common message. When designing corporate logos, therefore, it is important to follow certain patterns so this can be achieved. Let us see how it works: a carpet company hires a team of designers for the making of its logo, and asks that it should suggest an idea of responsibility, prestige and durability in the market, in addition to softness and elegance. After having thought of some possible designs, the designers show all of them to the company’s directors so they choose the most appropriate according to what they want. They finally decide on one that consists of two light colors, tiny letters and smooth texture. From now on, the company is in a position to hire other elements of corporate identity, as, for example, a W3eb page and a catalogue. When working on them, designers will have to stick to the original criterion, or else they will not be transmitting the same message as the logo. Hence, both the Web page and the catalogue must be consistent with the logo, and therefore they will be made up of the same light colors, the same smooth texture and even the same typography.

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