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We have previously mentioned (for reference, see the section Colors) that the colors of a logo vary in accordance with where it is going to be brought into use; and we have also mentioned the difficulties that visual effects can cause at the time of printing a logo (see the above section). Now, we will concentrate on another branch of design: the application of the logo.

When hiring a designer to make a new logo, it is advisable to consider, if possible, where it will be applied. By the way, the work of the designer does not end the moment that he delivers the logo in a digital file. On the contrary, it is he who should be in charge of all the other elements of corporate identity, since they will include the corporate logo as a part of them. These, in effect, are the applications of the logo.

For instance, when a company prints brochures as a means of promotion, these brochures must include its corporate logo. However, this logo will not be exactly the same as that delivered by the designer. Next, we provide some examples of possible modifications to the logo:

Modifications to the size: in the case of street advertising, the size of the logo needs to be exaggerated accordingly.

Modifications to the colors: the colors of a logo slightly vary when applied in the digital media (Web pages or the TV), in comparison with when applied in the graphic media (newspapers, magazines, or brochures). In fact, it is not only its colors that alter, but also its degree of brightness.

Modifications to the visual effects: if you are thinking of printing quite a large number of low-quality brochures, e.g. flyers, you can ask the designer to remove the visual effects from the logo, in order to reduce the costs.

Modifications to the definition: if you want your logo to be printed onto the uniforms of the company’s personnel, all you have to do is ask the designer to modify it a little so it is suitable enough. However, you should not fail to consider that paper printing is considerably better than cloth printing, so it is no use your hoping for perfection. The best thing to do is just rely on the logo being printed in the best possible way according to the cloth printing system you can access to.

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