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Affordable Logo Design

Welcome to this web-site about affordable logo design, business logo design and corporate logo design. From their composition to their intrinsic meanings, we will guide you so the image that represents your company is as effective and powerful as possible. There are no magical formulas or fixed rules, but criteria setting the conventional pattern of work. Our aim is to provide you with all the information necessary for the work you do with the designer(s) hired is fruitful, and is not obstructed because of ignorance. Hence, we will show you the basic concepts to design company logos, which will allow you to make always the right decision and never act at random. However, this is not a design course and, of course, will not replace the creativity, experience and knowledge a designer has. This is simply a practical guide that will help you avoid common mistakes which, once identified as such, are in fact easily avoidable.

To design a corporate logo, both the designer and the client are indispensable. When we say that the client is essential to logo design, we do not mean, as it is obvious, that it is he who generates the demand for particular goods or services and at whom the logo is targeted. What we mean is that he actually plays a role in the design of the logo. Not by making use of the graphic tools, however, but by transmitting the concepts and ideas he wants the designer to represent by means of images as clear as possible. In other words, logo design is the passage of abstract thoughts (ideas) to concrete matter (images), which is impossible unless both participants “understand” each other perfectly.

So, to avoid any inconvenience derived from a failure of this interrelation, we have launched this web-site divided into separate thematic sections, which are detailed next. In What is a logo?, we will define the word logo and describe its main characteristics; in The different types of logo, we will explain the difference between one type of logo and another, and which are its pros and cons according to each case; in The logo and the corporate identity, we will be dealing with the crucial role played by the logo within the group of elements constituting the identity of a company in the eyes of the public; in Colors, we will see the different meanings given to each color, as well as their putting to use in logo design; in Typography, we will talk about the importance of characters in advertising –and especially in logo design–; in Visual effects, we will tell you which types of effects are suitable for a logo and what they are for; in Application of the logo, we will guide you so that you can plan the design of your logo in the best possible way according to where you are thinking of putting it to use; and, finally, in Sales, we will talk about how a good logo can considerably raise the sales levels of your company.

We are thankful that you have chosen us to help your company progress. We very much hope to be useful to you. Affordable logo design for everybody!

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